Amazon offers A+ content to sellers on seller central platform as a tool to provide an advantage over other sellers and also attract more shoppers.

A+ content appears on the product listing page as an additional information, facilitating the Vendor to elaborate on product descriptions to enhance the listing. The purpose of this additional feature is to increase buyer engagement & conversion rates. This helps in converting shoppers to buyers.

Our A+ content specialists at Xcelerate will research your product carefully in order to gather and express through words, images & creatives the intricate product detail and provide a sense of what it is like to touch, feel, or hold the product.

In building your unique brand story, we will paint a picture of what it is like to own the product. We will create enhanced images, comparison charts and compelling text to connect with the buyer and evoke a feel for how the product will enhance their life. We use tool such as product info graphic & enhanced brand content to provide intricate details and make the product page more engaging.

Additionally A+ content will also help to minimize unhappy buyers, make the product more desirable. This will lead to more positive product reviews and less product returns. Due to the elaborate amounts of information about the product prior to the purchase, we will be able to create a better buying experience.

Amazon also has a magical tool that brings life to you product listing page. This feature is called ” Enhanced Brand Content ” . This option is only available to brand owners.

Read our blog on ” Enhanced Brand Content ” to know more.

Let us help you develop great A+ content for your listings!