Amazon has become an important platform for traders, manufacturers, distributors and e-retailers. Amazon now has millions of registered users and thousands of sellers. Buyers visiting this giant website generally come with one single intention ” to make a quick purchase ” .

The Amazon search box, also known as Amazon’s internal search engine, majorly influence these purchase functions by yielding the most relevant product suggestions. Amazon’s search results are regulated by its search algorithm called the “A9”. The algorithm ensures that user searches gets relevant results for their queries.

Unfortunately, the intricate mechanisms of this algorithm is not accessible to anyone outside Amazon. It is intriguing and quite a mystery how the search box displays your product over another. However, by applying experimental data and using varied hypotheses, we can provide you some tried and tested advice on how to boost your sales & increase product ranking.

A9 is Amazon’s algorithm that is behind Amazon’s search box. The primary goal of A9 is to help Amazon display the most relevant search result so as to increase the probability of customer purchase. A9 helps Amazon in determining which product recommendations to make by using the data collected from millions of search queries that users have made. The results are influenced by factors such as customer shopping preferences and past purchases, as well as other various factors.

Many sellers do not realize the significance of optimizing their listings for Amazon’s search. We at Xcelerate do a comprehensive analysis of your product and make sure that the contents and images used while listing the product is A9 friendly. We spend a lot of time researching keyword and optimizing your listing to make it Amazon SEO friendly.

Amazon’s buyers are usually there to purchase, and purchase soon. Amazon is a product search engine full of high intent buyers. A9 helps Amazon to display the most relevant search results which results in better conversion rate & customer experience. A9 is designed to maximize Amazon’s profit and increase customer satisfaction.