As the saying goes “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Customer satisfaction has always been the top priority for Amazon. This aspect sets Amazon apart from other marketplaces & retailers.

Amazon encourages other sellers to provide top quality customer service and rewards sellers who can match their expectation. Amazon therefore keeps track of your product reviews and seller feedback to evaluate and measure the customer service seller provides.

Product reviews is a very important way to attract customers on Amazon. It helps them understand almost every detail of the product. Buyers feel more comfortable buying product with more amount of positive reviews. Since, buyers cannot physically touch and feel the product while shopping, they rely on reviews from other buyers to pin down their purchases. Amazon product review helps them judge a product and make a purchase without worrying. Positive product review can substantially increase your conversion rate.

A research by ” Dimensional Research ” found that 90% of buyers online believe their purchasing choices are influenced by product reviews. Many customers consider positive reviews a prerequisite to purchasing things online, especially those with higher cost price. Therefore, it is crucial for new sellers to understand that Amazon reviews can make or break their e-commerce business.

Product reviews are really important for the consumers, but let us look at the significance of Amazon reviews for sellers.

Why Amazon Reviews are Important for Sellers

1)  Amazon protects the trustworthiness of reviews

2) Reviews give important customer & market insights

3) Buyers love online reviews

4) Amazon product review may leads to higher product rankings

5) Amazon seller feedback helps “Amazon Buy Box” wins

6) Reviews helps in Increasing the conversion rates

7) Amazon product reviews can also be used as a marketing tool for sellers

8) Reviews increases activity on your listings and keeps the buyers engaged

9) Reviews helps in building credibility

10) Amazon customers need not be all positive


I trust you now have an idea why amazon reviews are crucial for the sellers. It is always recommended to start working & tracking reviews. I assure you that it will make a big positive difference to your Amazon business. When you take the reviews seriously and embrace the importance of Amazon reviews, you will really start to see your amazon business grow.